Practice Areas


Individual Counseling:

I assist clients, especially women, struggling with depression and anxiety to find new ways to cope and feel empowered to change your response to stressful situations. I look at the whole person in the context of family, social life, and work or school. I give feedback with compassion and humor. We look at cognitive distortions and negative beliefs, and work at reframing those in a more positive, productive way. I also work with clients who have experienced trauma in their lives, women who are dealing with mid-life issues, and perfectionism.

Couples Counseling

When your relationship is experiencing struggle and conflict, or negative patterns repeat over and over again, I have an experienced eye to see what's under the surface. I assist clients to better understand themselves and their partners, and improve communication and intimacy, to create healthy, successful relationships.

Parenting and Postpartum Counseling:

Would you like to learn how to do the 2 most effective parenting strategies? For more than 20 years I have taught children of all ages, and have taught parenting classes since 1999.  I hold an Oregon Teaching License for grades K-9. I work with couples, single parents, and families to provide a supportive forum where concerns may be addressed, and help both parents and children feel validated. I also can provide a psychoeducational approach to help parents gain skills that encourage their child's sense of responsibility and respect, and also work with a child's classroom teacher. Becoming a new parent is one of the most challenging of life's changes. I enjoy helping women negotiate these emotional changes and adjustments.

Divorce and Shared Parenting:

Divorce is a major life change. I help clients adjust to this transition, deal with the loss, and in a supportive way, help clients address relationship issues. This can also be a time for tremendous growth. I help clients set goals for themselves and then provide support as they move at their own pace toward meeting those goals. I also help parents with the challenge of shared and single parenting, toward an environment that honors the children, and supports the parents.